Spanish Level Test


AIL Madrid has developed a written test which will quickly determine your current level of Spanish grammar.

The test is made up of 30 questions, of which the first ten are the beginner’s level A1, the second ten are the elementary level A2 and the final ten range from the intermediate level B1 to the advanced level C2. All levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference.

You will find that the difficulty of the questions increases as you go through the test, so don’t worry if you find some of the questions too difficult – simply leave them blank and proceed to the end of the test.

Once you have completed the Spanish level test (which will take approximately 10 minutes), you will instantly receive your results along with useful explanations on any questions answered incorrectly.

Have fun whilst you discover your level of Spanish!


1. Carlos argentino

2. Madrid en el centro de España.

3. ÂżHay farmacia por aquĂ­ cerca?

4. MarĂ­a todos los domingos muy tarde.

5. Joaquín treinta y seis años.

6. A Carlos mucho las plantas.

7. Irá vacaciones Croacia avión.

8. Me encanta bailar Âży a ti? .

9. ¿Cuándo volver?

10. Esta semana mucho